Profile of The Month: Maya Miranda Ambarsari


With a portfolio of successful and high-stake companies, it is easy to think it takes a certain way to approach Maya Miranda Ambarsari. But as Whats’ New Jakarta sat down with the self-made entrepreneur, it was soon revealed the warm and amicable person lies beneath, and how easy it is to spend hours, talking about life, love, and her struggles and journey.

Maya, as she likes to be called,  started early career years as a lawyer, until she realized how the industry could easily favor  to those in power, than those in need. She then went into a slight tangent and started a number of highly successful companies including mining, telecommunications, advertising, and now, property.

How did you get into the property business?

I have actually been doing it for a while, but before, I only did it just as something I do for fun, as a hobby. I have involved myself in different fields, I was first a lawyer, then a President Director of two companies; the first is an advertising company, and the second one a telecommunication company. During that period, I had begun investing on apartments, and started decorating, and designing the interior. Somehow, I found people liked what I did and even ended up wanting the property that I had, so I sold it! But then I started (now public-listed) PT Merdeka Copper and Gold, on which I spent the entire 12 years of my life building with my husband. So I said to myself, I will do this (property) one day!

Why not do it right away?  

Because at that time, I hardly have time for myself!  Until June this year, when my company had its first IPO, which coincided with the last steps of the renovation of my houses in Pondok Indah. All these houses, I have made them the way I want it to be, without boundaries. From the carpet, the wallpaper, the upholstery, it’s all my idea of beauty.

And why you decided to market it as rooms instead it as a whole house?

Initially, we rented out the houses as a whole. But then I had an Idea, why not make it into an actual hotel? At that time what I could think of is the opportunity to decorate different rooms with different theme! This excited me so much, to explore my passion in decorating. I wasn’t thinking much about the commercial aspect, and focused more about giving the rooms the best facilities possible.


The rooms in Elliottii are incredibly affordable, starts from as low as Rp. 400,000/night, even though you could easily charge it more.

I want people, anyone regardless of class or economy, to have a taste of living in a luxurious place, in a fine neighborhood. So everybody can feel what the people living around here feel. If staying in Elliottii can make the person happy, that’s enough for me. I want everybody to have the chance to feel the beauty and the atmosphere of it.

What about your property in Puncak, does it have the same concept?

Totally different. It started from a 1.5 hectare land we have on Puncak’s main road that we are going to make it into a 5 star condotel. I really love the nature surrounding the area, the beautiful pine trees. So I’m building a hotel there, and I want the nature to be the main selling point of the property.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

If you look at my daily activity, I rarely sit down and relax! At home even, I have pets, my own hydroponic garden that I just love taking care of, I like doing house chores. I love cooking, and to enjoy my own garden produce. I am more domestic that I may appear to be, as someone who do mining business, corporations, law. Other people love traveling, but I enjoy being at home, taking care of my family and the house (Maya also has 15 Persian cats that she takes care of!) I may also come across as chatty, but I actually enjoy being alone. Reading, writing and developing ideas. I even write a journal every day, I think this is an important exercise, and document, to know yourself.

The most inspiring figure in your life?

My mother. When I was growing up, at first I found her as a stern woman with highly discipline. Later in life I realized how that has turned me into a responsible and disciplined person as well. She taught us that you have to be strong and hardworking life. She was ‘only’ a housewife, but with all her strength she tried to make everything good for us, her family, in the same time raising us to be resilient. This applies in my relationship too; I do need my husband, but I know that I don’t need to rely on him, but instead we value each other’s company, and that we have equal standing.

Describe yourself in 5 words

happy, detail-oriented, confident (in what I do), I love helping others, and I always deliver in everything I do.

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